Thursday, 22 April 2010

Liam Fox You Pillock

I am no fan of the property shifting, expense fiddling, fingers in the till chap.

See here

I am no fan that this bugger looks poised to take over the war cabinet should "Call Me Dave " get into No10.

But once again he has shown himself to be a grade A pillock

Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox's car and a laptop were stolen during the burglary last night.

See here

Well its not the car being stolen its the fact the architect of the Tories Defence Plan and the Tory Manifesto was so BLOODY STUPID as to leave a laptop in a car.

I mean jeeez you are battling for a GE you have a shit load of material on that laptop that is gold to the other parties and you leave it unattended in a car.

Obviously the right man for such a profile role.

As we say in Scotland and as a plastic weegie yersel.....(East Kilbride for you non-scots).............ya Fu**in Tube.

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