Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I so want to see or hear Iain Dale defend this Tory position.

See here

Dont let me down Iain !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I never understood how Dales allegiance with Peter Tatchell superseded almost everything else on his own agenda. There again and as usual, gay rights self interest wins the day.

The Last Of The Few said...

The most non opressed group who plead about the most amount of pressure and victim isation.
The most pandered to group.
Gay police association, gay fire association, gay gay association.

Thats it I am off to run a B&B.

subrosa said...

Why is this news?

The Last Of The Few said...

Its not so much news Rosie.

Its looking forward to see how the most outspoken Tory blogger and outed homosexual, and who screams at the Daily Mail for even hinting at his sexuality will tell the assembled masses his angle on the story.

I for 1 feel he will not even mention it !


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