Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Please Help Me Here ?

Much has been written by others about the 3 Little Pigs above and the fact they are now getting Legal Aid to assist in their defence.

But please please please can someone out there help me understand how???

I mean earnings against expense, rules for claiming etc. Its bad enough them trying to get parliamentary privilege.

I am struggling to maintain my relaxed persona here on this subject.

This is an insult beyond comprehension...............so please and legal readers out there can you shed some light on this???


subrosa said...

LotF, I haven't written about this because, like you, I just can't understand it. Heard somewhere that ANYONE who may be sent to prison for a crime is entitled to legal aid and if that's correct then it's a mockery of any justice system.

Still spitting tacks...

The Last Of The Few said...

I thought legal aid was there to assist in cases of hardship or when a persons income was such that financially they could not pay for a formal legal case.
Now many people on low incomes use legal aid to assist in divorce, theft cases etc.
But part of the claim is the income they get from employment.

These three all get at least £65K a year so how come they qualify for legal aid based on that????

I just do not get it at all?

Is it a case that the cost of the court case and the defence is such that the 60 odd K is still not enough.........so therefore you commit a crime best go all out for a "Brinks Matt" style crime as you wont have to pay a penny in legal fees.

Utter utter farce.
And a web trawl is not showing anything for me yet ???

I am fuming about this.

Allan said...

LotF it's a very good question which you have raised and one that has just about every decent member of the public confused and angry. I had a look at a few websites regarding legal aid and I still can't see why/how the 3 disgraced Labour MP's can claim legal aid because as you pointed out, they are on quite healthy salaries.

It's only a guess but they could be entitled to legal aid through parliamentary privileges which in that case just adds insults to injury.


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