Sunday, 29 May 2011

Labour/Fabian/Socialism .............. You Failed

Somewhere, amongst all the various gnashing of teeth and outraged indignation, lies a small grave containing the battered and bruised body of a young child, failed by firstly his parents, secondly by those who were instructed to care for him and thirdly by a system designed to remove all responsibility from anyone.

A catastrophic failure of Fabianism. From the foreign doctor in the NHS who "missed" a broken back yet filled all the correct PC quotas, to the council housing department that missed a known violent criminal moving in with the failed mother with no education but a hand full of certificates for "paying attention" at school, to the benefits system which allowed her to perpetuate the squalor of single motherhood, to the Common Purpose trained "state nannies" paid to ensure that the State could raise her child if she couldn't to the head of Department, promoted by strictly faithfully to the Fabian agenda of "destroy the family, the State is the best Parent" to the father of the whole thing. Ed Balls, who had the responsibility to make sure his idealogical vision of being the Shepherd to a weak and pathetic flock was enforced.

And when it failed, Sharon Shoesmith felt the full wrath of Stalin shooting his Generals. In the panic to blame someone, anyone but the system, she was out. Vilified by the media and her fellow Fabians, she was a FAILURE, a traitor to her masters in Westminster. She killed Baby P with her own bare hands.

Except she didn't. Tracey Connelly and Peter Barker, themselves proud products of the brave new Fabian world did. Brutal, uncaring, sadistic scum, supported right to the very top of Government in their actions.

Look in the mirror Ed. This is the world you and your fellow Fabians constructed. Your arrogance in inflicting the collective responsibility over personal responsibility means many more children will die at the hands of parents who are expressly told NOT to take responsibility because the all caring, all powerful State is the true master can do it better.

H/T to OH !!!

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