Friday, 19 August 2011

Return of Big Brother ...............F&*%£" !!

So Sally "The Alley" Bercow has final arrived into the Big Brother house.

Couple of things spring to mind here.

1. Anyone who systematically watches this program needs certified under the mental health act.

2. What a absolute disgrace of a female she is. Infact what an absolute disgrace of a pair she and her husband make.

We all remember here this little piece about Ms Alley (yes that was her nick name and there is a good reason for that).

In normal times no man can be held responsible for the conduct of his wife, but in this case we are happy to make an exception. With John Bercow, this pair between them have made a major contribution to the destruction of the majesty and gravitas of parliament, helping to make it the tawdry joke that it has become.

This article says she aims to "stick it to the establishment" during the programme, heedless of the fact that she is part of the establishment, living in a grace and favour apartment which has cost us £20 Grand to refurb for him and the fact that Mr Speaker also trousered £146,780 in expenses, which includes £1390.64, for a satellite TV system, to save the pair the trouble of looting the local branch of Dixons.

One has to admit that this pair have got it made – having been able to delegate the parliamentary authorities to do their looting for them – and they certainly deserve each other. The question is whether we deserve such low grade personalities, a question which scarcely needs an answer.

As a voting public, the people of Buckingham are a disgrace. You voted him in and brought Mrs Speaker with him.

And remember you only get the politicians you deserve .............. you all forget 1 simple fact.

They WORK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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moorlandhunter said...

The country has finally sunk to the level of bottom feeding worms if she thinks she can do, as she wants whilst her husband holds the position he does in Parliament.
No wonder the chavs, rioters, drunks, anarchists, louts, thugs and crooks think what they do is ok if we have this woman as an example of the so called political classes parading like a chav on TV.
I really do give up on everything now that chavism has reached the House of Commons, once a place that was filled with venerable and respected people. I wonder what the dead who fought WW1 and WW2 for freedom would think of this woman.


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