Monday, 22 August 2011

Must Have Childrens Gifts

Only If you live in Tottenham of some other place where by you think it good to smash your own town up !!!

Keeps the kids entertained and teaches them valuable social skills so when they grow up they will be correct and proper people to be part of society !!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Today it is generally thought that "progressive" means going forward to something "better". Current events would indicate otherwise. The traditions that sustained nations and peoples for centuries have been cast aside and are being spat upon each day. There are however, a few who believe in traditions such as morality, kindness and decency. This blog, and those men who follow it, are an important minoritiy who do not fear speaking up for what is right, what is good and what is decent.

To you,

I tip my hat


Unknown said...

Bored outta me skull over here and waitin' ta see yer next post.

Unknown said...

'Twas yer voice in me ear I waitin' on lad, make no mistake about that. I'm missin' me home and me people somethin' fierce and yer remindin' me of it. 'Tis this I'll whisper to thee. Of Lads and of Lassie's on a Summer Day

"We'll dance and we'll sing maist the hale o' the day.
Ilk lassie an' lad, while the piper will play,
An' them that likes best, they a'fishing can gang,
Syne pass aff the day wi' a jest an' a sang."

Me boots er missin' home.

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing up on my page again. The words of one truly fine and good man is worth more than the hollow praise from a thousand.


Unknown said...

I left a note for you on your Rachel Reeves page. I'm runnin' outta space here. Thank you so much for visiting my page again. It means a great deal to me.


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