Friday, 7 October 2011

Have The Hounds Caught The Fox

Have they ???

I have blogged many many times on the odious individual that is Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for Defence.

He replaced the equally odious and certainly hellishly ineffective Bob Ainsworth.

I thought when the new government took over that the military and indeed all things defence wise would have a higher priority and would return as a priority.

However please see here.

Instead I was VERY VERY wrong in that assumption.

The military and all things defence are further undervalued indeed even mocked by our current administration.

The sheer lies they tell with regards to all things military is just beyond even my simple brain ........ see here.

And the sheer contempt they hold the military in is again easy to see in this post here.

So again attached to Liam Fox is another big stink ............ see Here

It appears the best-man of the Defence Secretary, a certain Mr Adam Werritty was swanning around Westminster with House of Commons business cards that said he was Fox’s “personal adviser”. Fox previously denied he was involved in any MOD activity, yet now it emerges his former flatmate came on an official MOD trip to Sri Lanka.

And now the slimy shit Fox has gone a triggered the investigation himself try to use the cunning and well known about trick of " It was not me guv, it was like the other bloke" ........... when actually the whole thing stinks!!!!!!!!!!

You would have thought after Hague got the taxpayer to pick up the bill for his trip to Afghanistan with Christopher Myers that the Tories would be a little more careful about this sort of thing. Where Hague spent an extra weekend in Bahrain with his adviser, Fox is only thought to have attended “private events” in Sri Lanka with Werritty.

So c'mon Cameron, where is the cleaning up of politics, the transparency ......... err nowhere to be exact.
As long as the political classes maintain there air of superiority over us all and there mental belief they are a class above us all issues like this will never stop.........regardless of the political party.

Investigation will prove nothing............ nada zilch.......... bugger all.

Have the hounds caught the Fox ?????? .......... Like hell they have !

Socarry on Cameron treating us like you always have done ........... twat!!!

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Unknown said...

You've got them wrapped up tight. I'm a child of the Cold War and this kind of shit is just not done. But it is being done. I feel like I woke up in somebody elses nightmare.
Get 'em Lad


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