Friday, 14 October 2011

GOOD !!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo !!!!!!! see here

Worst appt ever by Cameron !!!!!

Stupid and arrogant are probably the best words to describe him.

Time and time again these half-witted politicians drop themselves in it.
Makes good paper copy but doesn't do much for our ever dwindling faith in politicians.
No choice for him really because the stories will become more and more lurid about Fox and his 'special friends' as time passes.
Unfortunately, for us there'll be a brief spell on the back benches for him as a punishment before he becomes 'rehabilitated' just like Mandy from the Luvvie party did.


Unknown said...

I know this one made your day Lad. See you on Twitter tomorrow.

Unknown said...

I'm worried about you. Can you leave me a message letting me know you are okay?


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