Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Linda Norgrove

The lady in this photograph is Linda Norgrove.

Linda is from Scotland.
Isle of Lewis in fact. Altnaharra to be exact, a most beautiful spot.

Linda has come to light because sadly she is now dead.

Linda was an aid worker who worked for a US group called USAID.

Linda was in Northern Afghanistan bringing aid and relief to the local populous.
A selfless act in itself but all the more honourable due to the level of danger present everyday.

Linda was kidnapped by an extremist group some 2 weeks ago.
Now it is worth pointing out that the Taliban was so very quick to dismiss reports that they were indeed linked to this kidnapping.
Not us they said.
It transpires that the group is an extremist group with a link to Al Quaida. Now not much is being said about this group...........but 1 thing is certain.......they are very extremist.

The lack of info coupled with the Taliban dismissal made it apparent Linda was in danger.

The area Linda was in was Eastern Afghanistan. This area is under US military control.

To that end PM David Cameron in consultation with Barak Obama allowed a US military led rescue attempt to go forth.
During this rescue attempt Linda died.

Initial reports detailed Linda was killed by a suicide vest explosion of 1 of her captors..............it later transpired Linda may have been killed by a US military grenade......thrown by 1 of her rescuers.

See Here

An investigation is being led by General Patraeus of the US Army. We await that report.
Cameron to his credit at least came out and gave a statement. So far no cover up no lies. Barak Obama has paid tribute and given his condolences.

The truth must come out............because right now lessons need learnt, and above all, a family sits in the North of Scotland grieving a loss, a loss they did not deserve to suffer.

War is not pretty, people die that's a fact, but people do not expect to grieve the loss of a person who chose only good, took no sides, wore no uniform, but had compassion for all with no favour over anyone.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Yes the East of Afghanistan is under US control. However the US are well known for their lack skills at hostage rescue. The British SAS will leave any organisation in their wake when it comes to operations of this nature.

So why were the US forces used?
Was this some big boys ego trip?
Did the US find her and not give the info?
Was Linda potentially post being rescued going to be paraded as an American success story?
Another look at us, we are so good moment for ABC NBC etc?
Instead she lies dead.

2. The SAS were understood to be in an advisory position.
Well I will make you this promise now.
Never, ever would the SAS advise in a hostage rescue that the use of grenades is authorised.
Smoke grenades yes, stun grenades yes............but the use of fragmentation grenades NO.......NEVER.
Certainly not until at the very least the hostage is secured, and out of the hot zone, and a military mop up so to speak is being carried out.
I find the use of the words US and Special Forces difficult to use in the same sentence.

In this story we must also never forget another fact or should I say 2 facts.

2 other ladies sadly died in the rescue attempt.
However they were both Afghni..........and well less said about that the better eh!
A disgrace.
2 Afghan families now also grieve the loss of their loved ones, but we wont hear any more about that will be.

God bless Linda !!!


Anonymous said...

Good post.

We should always remember that lives are lives, and families and friends are families and friends, regardless of their nationalities.

I understand that locals advised the Americans not to attempt the rescue bid, but stupid white men always know best.

The Last Of The Few said...

Thanks Tris,

You are right.

*Tips the Hat*

Wilf said...

So another brave/naive aid worker dies trying to help people that don't want help. What a waste of a life and she appeared to be a lovely person. However, these people need to understand that when they go to these sorts of places, the nasty people don't share any of the same values as the aid workers and will kidnap westerners for either money or ideology. If people insist on putting themselves in harms way so be it, but military personnel then have to put their lives at risk to try to rescue them and that probably makes them pretty selfish.
Aid workers should be told that if they insist on placing themselves in danger, they won't get any monetary or military help. Let's face it, their God isn't willing to help either.


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