Friday, 1 October 2010

The Internet

The Internet

The World Wide Web.............unless you are in China!!

What a tool
What a success

Linking mere mortals around the world.

Never in the history of man has an invention captured the minds and thoughts and been a success with a rate of growth and expansion such as this.

At the mere stroke of a key, you can communicate, purchase, send endless streams of info to the other side of the world, view photos, arrange holidays, blogging, find school friends, long lost relatives, social networking and to give Iain Dale a place for his constant diatribe to pour out.

However when someone mentions the internet 1 of the main subjects is always pornography and the huge content of XXX rated sites, images and videos..........that I have been told are in existence.
Each to their own I say.

Our internet phenomenon has also spurned the arrival of a beautiful thing......

The Dating website.

No longer do people have to live alone.

No longer do men and women have to trawl through endless nightclubs and drinking dens picking up the stragglers at 2am.

No longer do people have to go to Tesco and stand for ages at the "ready meals for 1" section on the off chance that a ..........errrr like minded individual happens to pass by.

No more "single with GSOH looking for similar non smoker for nights in/out" type adverts at the back of the local freebie rag.

When.........with a few short mins on the various date sites you can find the love of your life. A matched individual with quality and values you yourself hold and desire in others.


For those of you with a raging dose of the clap there is ............

For those ladies who require a particular level of income in their lives and to whom age is no issue in love there is..........

For those of you to whom a naughty smoke of a very dubious nature is your thing, there is.............

And my absolute favourite because even if you are psychopathic murderer on death row you still have a lot of love to give........

MMMMMMWWWWAAAAHHHHHHHHH come get me baby !!!!!


subrosa said...

Super post LotF. I never knew there were so many dating sites. Maybe I'll try the sugar daddy one. ;)

Anonymous said...


Did yu say there was pornogrphy on the web....?

I don't suppose you've any idea where I .... erm no, of course not. Silly me. What was I thinking!


The Last Of The Few said...


I could not find a sugar mummy site...........ho hum

The Last Of The Few said...

Tris apparently there is!!

Munguin said all about it

I have not slept since

McGonagall said...

Nice yin - Ah see ye've been doin yer research ...

The Last Of The Few said...

Aye McGonagall that i huv.

Spent many along night slaving over a hot was hard I can tell ya

Anonymous said...

Ah... that Munguin...

And to look at the furry wee soul with his striped scarf you'd never guess that he'd know stuff like that


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