Monday, 11 July 2011

Gordon is Shocked ........... And so am I !!!!

Oh dear,

We see now that Gordon Brown is as I quote "shocked" by the news he may have had his phone hacked.

see here

Indeed I do find that rather a strange statement to make as he was to be honest, the most hated PM in history, in the eyes of the Murdoch empire!!

So quite frankly ......... I AM ALSO SHOCKED !!

So with the current revelations on going he thought he was immune and is now shocked !!!!!!!!!!

hhhhmmmmmmm ......... bigger cretin than i thought!!

However in his defence ....... the sheer fact that (and I know until proven) they sought to use his children as a story line is just repellent. For that i hope they rot.

However the reason for this post is one of balance.

I am no fan of Brown at all .......... however I will defend the right of the privacy of his children. He is another matter but not via his kids.

So Gordon you have my total sympathy for the intrusion. For once I feel for you, and more to the point the wee ones. I and hope that whoever has done this is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

However a word of warning.
Please be very careful!!

When info gets about that your wife was the organiser of a certain Mrs Murdoch's 40th birthday party, and other photos of family members are open in the info sphere such as this here ...........

.......... you might actually find people view this as more as cheap political posturing rather than actual family grief.

God ......... we all love a hypocrite !!!!!!!!!!

A big hat tip to Guido and the much missed Cheese blogspot (Hat tip Mark)

Also see here ......... belter

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