Friday, 8 July 2011

Gordon Brown: I'd still be PM if hacking claims had been aired earlier

Gordon Brown: I'd still be PM if hacking claims had been aired earlier.

Yep he's only gone and said it .......... read the whole joke here !!!!!

Oh how long and loud did I laugh when I read this story.

In fact I am still laughing some nearly 2 hours later.

Former PM believes he could still be in No 10 if new allegations relating to Andy Coulson had emerged before the election

Gordon ............ You are still totally deluded aren't you??

You are so far devoid of reality its unreal.

Yes the truth will come out about the NotW in due course, but lets get some things straight.

Tony Blair easily ass kissed up to Murdoch as much as any Tory ever has.
Labour actively sought out and encouraged the enhanced relationship between itself and NI.
Tony Blair was given and accepted many many hospitality function (chose my words there carefully) during his time as PM from NI.
Milly Dowler died and as a result had her phone hacked under a labour government watch
The 7/7 victims died and had phones hacked under a labour government watch.
The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts started, causing servicemen to die and have their phones hacked under a labour government watch.

What you cant accept Gordon is your failure still.
Your lack of being a credible leader.
Your skill level.
Your fiscal policies which are now coming home to roast
Your temper
Your drug taking
The fact NI hated you and as a result removed support from YOU causing the loss in support from the labour party.
Any other leader in charge may well have kept the support and as a result kept the No10 job.
It was you Gordon ............. you, your style, your appearance, your personality that failed.
Do not come out with some crap like that in order to attempt some cheap publicity and chest beating.

You pathetic sad excuse for a man !!!!!!!!!!

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Barking Spider said...

The only thing that the trademark Brownfinger, saved-up-for-two-years rant managed to do the other day was simply to remind us all of the beetle-browed, lying, Lefty propaganda we had to suffer from this bombastic hoon until May, last year.

Here's hoping he stays away for good now that this rare visit to Westminster has backfired on him so spectacularly.


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