Thursday, 10 February 2011

Egyptian Enforcement Wear

Makeshift protective helmets made by the Egyptians whilst scrapping in their current predicament.

I shall guide you through these pieces of registered non standard army kit:

Your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle rag’ helmet – a must in any type of combat

A late 80’s ‘boxhat’. The bloke next to him is clearly jealous of its effectiveness

A renaissance period piece of brickwear teamed with a black and cream scarf.

Im not sure that tuna sarnie he is about to lob is gonna cause to much destruction.
Old skool 80’s broken bin helmet.
I personally love the lift up protective visor to see !

Textbook saucepaning with lifejacket combo. He does not take ANY Shit!!

I literally have no idea what this is.

And the winner by a country mile.
This bloke is going to war with 2 baguettes strapped to his ears and a ham salad roll
sellotaped to his forehead. I’d def wanna be behind him if someone lobs a load of bricks at me.


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The Last Of The Few said...

tttrrrrrrr tish............i thank you

Anonymous said...

Saw this on an email viral - if you have originated well done - awesome!


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