Wednesday, 21 March 2012

With Great Shame !

Its kid of like it never really happeneded did it not.

Yesterday, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon had front row seats in Westminster Hall to listen to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee address.

Nice bit of pomp to cover the fact that later in the day was a horrific repatriation ceremony - one of the many horrifying results of their warmongering decisions.

The grief of families and friends was all too evident when the cortege passed the site of the new memorial garden sited on the edge of Catherton.

5 young men all aged 21 or less gave the ultimate sacrifice, together with a very repected 33 year old NCO also gave the same.

The town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire has still not recovered.

Still the champers went down well and all had a jolly loverly time.

May the five members of 3rd Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment and Sgt Coupe, who belonged to 1 Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment and was on secondment to 3 Battalion, rest in peace.

From top left: Sergeant Nigel Coupe, Corporal Jake Hartley and Private Anthony Frampton.
From bottom left: Private Christopher Kershaw, Private Daniel Wade and Private Daniel Wilford

Hat tip to Rosie

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