Friday, 9 July 2010

In view of the News...........

..............that today, it is announced that the 314 serviceman has been killed in Afghanistan I thought I would ask a question.

Source......A royal Marine from 40 Commando has been killed in the Sangin District of Helmand Province.

Can anyone spot the difference between these 2 individuals??

NO thought not ............both useless idiots in charge of Military which is still held in contempt by 2 governments. And the contempt is proven by their appointments.

Come on Dave......don't go the Labour route and have your defence secretary become a laughing stock.............remove Liam Fox immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Given that we are only conduction one war at the moment, perhaps it would be an idea for Mr Fox and his various and sundry assistants and underlings to relocate themselves to Kabul or Helmand, and make themselves useful, if only making tea.

Maybe they world know a lot more about the war then than from briefings over tea in china cups and the very best of biscuits provided by you and me, in the comfort of the sumptuous offices in Whitehall with smart secretaries nodding and saying “yes minister” at every turn.

Mr if Mr Fox could smell the cordite, see the blood and feel the fear, maybe then he’d start to learn.

No special treatment, just one of the men. How about that Foxy, you illiberal old bigot? Get your scrawny arse out there and join the lads? No? Ah, I thought not.


What would you say to Mr Paddy Ashdown as Sec of State for War? At least he has served.


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