Friday, 23 September 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On !

May I suggest you all go visit the Captains blog here and read this piece of cobblers!!.

No not what the Good Ole Captain has said in terms of his musings but the context of the story and just who pathetic our so called "Lords and Masters" are.

In fact what the bulk of people do not realise is (and I mean 99% of the UK population) with that fact is ................. THEY WORK FOR US.

Anyway I too have broken the law .......... in fact I go alot further.

The above slogan was coined in 1940 or thereabouts by the government of the day. It has since been copyrighted by someone, and that someone has whined to the EU. The EU loves whiners and they supported that someones right to the slogan. So we are not allowed to use it ever again. Got that? It is verboten.

Now I go a little further as well.

I enclose below a pic of my Blackberry. Its not a special Blackberry or anything. A standard "Blackberry" with a screen saver pic of a little something lovely in my life. That's for another post but yes, a standard "Blackberry".

Nice eh!

But it does have a special thingy going on. Notice the red cover ????

Well if you turn it over ............

COME GET ME !!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I'd like ta see 'em try, the bastards. They'll never take ya alive lad. Yer too wiley and fierce a creature fer the likes of them. Scotland forever !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who copyrighted it?

Clive Dunn & Babs Windsor perhaps?

The Last Of The Few said...

Anne ............. Oh i would love them too.

The Last Of The Few said...

A brief search reveals Keep Calm and Carry On Ltd, who applied for the trademark, is based in Surrey and is registered to former Celador executive Mark Coop, who brought us such wonders as The National Lottery: Winning Lines and Johnny & Denise: Passport to Paradise.

Of course one could say that it's the free market in action, spotting a business opportunity and all that, but one could equally well turn around and say "get stuffed", especially once our friends in Brussels get involved.

From a comment on the Captn's gaff

Unknown said...

Lad, I'll be out of range of satellite for a few days, but I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

You cannot trademark a slogan or saying that has been in free circulation and in common use.

Thus you cannot trademark phrases like

"taken down a peg"

"are for elbow"

"wankers united" which is what this lot are.

I'm luvvin it!

Anonymous said...

arse over elbow


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