Thursday, 1 October 2009

Is it clever too.............

Have a Union leader rip up a national newspaper and claim in a rascist way something abour Australian/Americans???

Have Kerry MacCarthy state that twitter is the way not a newspaper, same said newspaper that sells over 3 million copies a day????

Piss off the ownwer of the Sun, News of the screws, the Times, and owner of the largest satellite braodcaster in Europe........who get no cash via a government taxation???

Piss off same chap who also owns a TV broadcaster in the USA (special relationship country), and a TV broadcaster in Australia.

Also piss off same said chap who's group owns 94, regional , national, and specialist (inc financial) newspapers around the world, a book publishing house and christian book publishing company.

Then throw a strop with Adam Boulton who incidently is one of the most influencial politcal editors for above said Europe satellite broadcaster???

And then claim the General Election can be won for a 4th term??????

No didnt think so!!!!!!!!!
..............f**king cretin.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He he... very good. He is a cretin isn't he... and mad as a March hare....


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